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Different Lachenal Anglo models, basic to highest quality models

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On 8/16/2021 at 9:42 PM, richard said:


I sure would love to try an Edeophone Anglo, or even just hear one.



As mentioned above, Grey Larsen's primary concertina is a 40b Edeophone Anglo in D/A tuning.  You can hear it here: 



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Just now, Mike Franch said:

I don't know if it was that one, but when I saw him several years ago he was playing an Edeophone-looking instrument, but badged as a Wheatstone, presumably made from the jigs they acquired when Lachenal went out of business.

A Wheatstone Twelve-Sided "Edeophone" Concertina with Pre-MacCann Chromatic Duet Fingering


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