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Practice aid. Speed-up/down... Speedshifter

Roger Hare

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I see a few references to this Royal Schools of Music software from 2011, some of which seem to

indicate that it doesn't work, or at best, works very poorly. I encountered the software for the first

time at Morris practice last night, and as far as I can see/hear, it's working, and looks to be rather

useful. I've installed the Windoze version...


It is possible to speed-up, slow-down tunes for practice purposes, plus other things. It seems to

work on .mp3 files - I haven't looked to see if other formats are allowed.


The current version seems to be from 2018.


The software can be downloaded here. I've installed the Windoze version, I can't speak for any

other OS.


There's a page describing other training/learning software here, though I haven't investigated

this page yet...

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19 hours ago, chris rowe said:

There is a good app (free) Amazing Slow Downer, you can slow down, speed up, loop and change the pitch. 

Aye, I knew about that one. I tried it some time back and for some reason I can't remember, decided not

to use it. Maybe I should re-visit? Thanks for the reminder.


I really wanted to update what was said about SpeedShifter, as it seems to be 10 years since it was last

mentioned. I put it through its paces yesterday, and it seems fine. It does mump and moan a little if you are

not connected to the internet (which usually I'm not), but otherwise it all seems OK. It seems possible

to wind it up to a higher volume than some other applications.

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Yes, Rolf Nilsson's "The Amazing Slow Downer" program/app is exactly that - amazing. Yeah, stupid name, but it describes what it does. The paid version is well worth it, and I've happily used it almost daily for many years now. As I recall the website is www.ronimusic.com.


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40 minutes ago, gcoover said:

... As I recall the website is www.ronimusic.com.

Thassright - ta! However, when I tried to download it I got a 'can't be downloaded securely'

message, so I decided not to proceed further at this stage.


Maybe that's what put me off when I tried a couple of years earlier...


Thanks anyway.

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27 minutes ago, chris rowe said:

The pitch shift function allowed me to play along on a C&F melodeon with Mally's  GD tutor CD, very handy !

Yes looks useful. I'm sitting in a library without an instrument. That pitch shift range is -3 to +3.

Have you sussed what the 'units' are on that scale? I can't see any hard-and-fast definition on

the ABRSM help or FAQ pages. Ta.

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