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Antarctic Photos

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Our photos from out trip to Antarctica are at last on the web.




A bit off-topic, but there is a concertina connection here and here, and here (on the wall of the College of Arts about halfway down the page) (There is aldo a melodian on the theatre mural on the same page), and here.


Unfortunately, we have no photos or recordings of the wonderful Bandonian playing (Tango of course) in Buenos Aires.


There are still a few broken links and typos I am working on, but I hope you like what is there.

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ASI (Antarctic Squeeze-In), anyone?


Sounds like a great idea - I can just see the news - "Scientists puzzled by mass migration of penguins to the North Pole". ;)


The deckhouse of the Europa is the perfect location for a session - just like a pub, but no smoke. :)


- - Unless the weather gets up - at force 9, instruments that take up both hands are not advisable!


Thanks for the kind words all! :D

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The unknown jelly things are Salpa thompsonii (what ever they actually are!)


I asked at work (British Antarctic Survey)


I must admit that - given the co-incidence of names, I thought that this was a joke. (It is a co-incidence since we didn't actually discover them), but it is fair dinkum!


I fiound a website with pictures here.


Thank you - I will update the site with the official name.

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