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Lachenal with fake Jeffries stamp on metal end plate

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I have read about other make concertinas with fake Jeffries markings dishonestly added, presumably to get more money for them at a pawn shop or wherever. Here is a cool example of that on a very nice Lachenal 26(+"drone" button) baritone that just entered my pandemic bubble.


It is a very nice instrument. I suppose a real Jeffries would be even nicer but this one is quite fine on its own. Perhaps someone thought this instrument was so good a Jeffries logo might fool a buyer into thinking it really was a Jeffries. Although one of the hand rests has the typical Lachenal "English Make" stamp into the wood.

The Jeffries stamp was  "scratched out" at a later date.


Here is a photo or the fake marking, and also a photo the authentic mark on an authentic Jeffries(I hope).









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To too uncommon, a bit of re-badging on someone's part. Arguably it all adds to the history and the interest. I personally think that some of the Jeffries are crudely made and as instruments they did not have a lot of merit. Whereas the Lachenal and Wheatstone were made by craftsmen, and have the consistency that the care and attention yielded. I hope you did not get 'stung' in the acquisition price.

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Hi Richard,


I owned that 26/27 key Baritone C/G Lachenal until fairly recently.  It already had the scratched out Jeffries stamp when I bought it.


Don't know who tried to forge the makers name but like Dave it's not the first example I've seen.


If you are interested in the recent history of the Baritone send me an e mail: jw(at)acewaste.co.uk.


Best     John

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