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AC Norman Miniature Anglo for Sale


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In my PICA article on miniature concertinas, I defined "miniature" as 3 3/4 inches or less across the ends. My AC Norman Anglo is just slightly wider--4 inches across, which I call "semi-miniature," but almost everbody else calls "miniature."

It has 13 keys plus an air key, wood fretwork, golden metal buttons, steel reeds, and 6-fold  maroon leather bellows.  It is in the key of G (2 octaves) with accidentals (notes not in the key of G--Ab (G#), C#, and F). It is best for playing in the keys of C, D, G, and A (major or minor).

It has straps and handrails which make it much easier to play than the smaller miniatures. It has a hard case.

I paid about $1700 a number of years ago. AC Norman still advertises them (see his website) but I do not know his current price. I am asking half my cost--$850--plus $50 for shipping/insurance.

If interested, please send a personal message including an email address, amd I will send photos and a key layout diagram.


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