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Looking to buy a Kensington anglo


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Thank you ! Unfortunately Barleycorn is not an option...since Brexit, I will pay around 600 euros of Vat and taxes 😕 but it gives me an idea of price... if sold from person to person (even outside eu), an arrangement can be done, but not if sold by a shop ( I asked Chris if a solution could be found). Anyway thank you pointing it out 😉

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Nice idea James !

I did a quick math...Kensington is sold second hand for about 3000$, VAT will also apply (but can eventually declare a lower price...) but all together it will be about the same price that ordering from UK.

For about the same final price, I favor a concertina coming from Barleycorn :-)

So I have decide to buy the one from Barleycorn ! It is a huge financial stretch but I am pretty sure I will be happy for a loooong time !!

I actually have a Morse (awesome concertina) but the accordion reed doesn't strike me as much as concertina reeds.


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