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Vintage jeffries concertina

B ecky

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Hope this is okay to post. Please delete if not.

I have a vintage jeffries concertina in need of some tlc, and don't know anything about it except it was my grandfather's. I have put it on ebay and been inundated with offers but I have absolutely no idea of its value and what to accept (I have put it on with no reserve)can anyone give me any idea of its value please. 

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At this point I would just let it run the auction. It's hard to estimate its value. It isn't one of the most valuable of the Jeffries concertinas. It only has twenty buttons (rather than 30 or 32) and there's no telling what work it might need. 


Good luck with it. 

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IMO don't accept an offer; you are almost always better off letting the auction finish. If the people making the offers are serious about buying, let them bid against each other. As a buyer, it's very annoying when you are prepared to place a high bid on a thing you really want and it mysteriously ends early.

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I'm guessing this is the one that sold last night (21st July) and went to £945.  Given the condition it looked to be in - bellows sound and woodwork intact - I'd say this was just about right.  I certainly wouldn't have gone any higher and I've been told I don't need another concertina


Nice looking instrument


Alex West

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