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Strange fret ends


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Does anyone recognize this fret pattern or even this particular instrument?  There is some confusion coming from the seller as to the maker.  Supposedly Lachenal and the 4 fold dark green bellows with the standard papers seem to support this.  I can't seem to get a pic of the other end so this might be a home made replacement although it seems nicely done and pleasing if simple.  Seller says mahogany but it looks like walnut or maybe rough rosewood to me.  German?  One can see the pads,springs and radial layout through the ends.  If I hear back from them I can provide more detail.  Thanx.


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This distinctive pattern look the same as the three Jabez Austin instruments at the concertina museum




It could be tricky to ever definitively say, but there could well be more clues inside...the three at the museum all have 'JA' stamped internally.


Whoever the maker / makers, an interesting piece of concertina history! Please post more pics if you get them.


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Very interesting.  I wonder where that shared pattern originated?  Hopefully I'll "end"up with it!  I'm waiting for more pics and will certainly post them.  Thank you both....😃

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