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Seth Hamon 30 button Wheatstone Anglo C/G => SOLD <=


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Seth Hamon Professional with Voci a Mano reeds. C/G 30 button Wheatstone layout. 7-fold bellows!

Very light and fast player, very well made; alas selling since i recently bought a traditionally built and quite expensive one. Instrument is in as new state. Bellows smell that way LoL.


Due 450 Euro EU import duties that have been paid (mainly VAT charges) it makes sense for a buyer within the EU. No import duties then. Price 1900 Euros.


BTW I stopped with paypal, it's a scam these days.

Tip: get a free money wiring subscription with WISE.com or Intarem, and pay by Mastercard or Visa:

You're off far cheaper for eventual exchange-rates and your money transfer is secure and almost immediate.


Economy EU insured parcel shipping is around 70 euro's, Fedex is faster but more expensive. Case included.


PM me if you live outside the EU, as i can probably get VAT back when exported again within a few months,

and thus sell depending location about 19% cheaper.


For US buyers i will include a COO form to avoid paying import duties.


At costs of approx 100 euro's extra i can arrange a conversion to jeffries system layout,

using 4 new Voci a Mano reeds. This will take about 10 days before shipping out.











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