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Auburn Mary - a new tune for 20 button anglo, harmonic style

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I love how an anglo concertina can remind you of a harmonica (not surprisingly I guess!)  This one reminds me of old westerns/cowboy movies, where someone is looking out on a vast landscape with long horizons - playing their harmonica! - maybe with a good dash of Copeland - and then ambling off on their horse (complete with horse clip-clopping music..you know the sort I mean?)
It's funny because this new tune is actually based on Scottish folklore (maybe not so funny when you consider how influential Scottish music has been on the American sound).  Not only Scottish folklore and American overtones, but also a poem recited with hints of an Australian accent and set against the English landscape of Worcestershire :P  
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I love this! I am drawn to the concertina because it reminds me a little of the harmonica my Dad played while I was growing up in the Arizona desert. This piece is evocative of western movie sound tracks, and the pairing with the poem works beautifully.  Lovely, thank you!

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I am so sorry. I did not see your reply to my post last July.  Thanks for responding. 


My Dad liked to play American folk tunes - This Land is Your Land, Home on the Range are the two I remember most 💗


He was untrained and played totally by year. He was pretty good!


I often think of my Dad when playing the concertina, he would have loved it.


I been playing my 30 button Anglo for 2 years now, and hope someday to be able to play in the lovely harmonic style you used in your recording.


Stay well -


Cora Pendergast





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