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I Reached A Music Milestone!

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I know no one cares, but I had to tell SOMEONE, and since none of my friends even know what a concertina is, let alone play music themselves, you people are it.


Before I discovered the concertina, I played the violin and then the mandolin, and there was one song ("Meditation" by Massinet) that I was never able to grasp even after eight years of playing (4 w/ violin, 4 w/ mandolin). Well I'm very happy to announce that, after only six months playing the concertina, I am able to play that entire damn song!! It's sloppy, but it's there. If that's not proof that the concertina is my ideal instrument, I don't know what is. Yes, I know those eight years gave me a boost up when I started the concertina, but there's something about this little squeezebox that fits me like a glove.

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It spans nearly 3.5 octaves, so you need a 48 button model to play it, or the second part anyway. I've seen the first part dropped to a lower key, but if you do that with the second part you'll lose the bottom notes.


I fell in love with that song the first time I heard it, but it took me a year of off-and-on research to track down the name of it.

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