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John Kirkpatrick Anglo concertina book


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Coming soon! And hopefully out in time for his concertina workshops in September and October later this year.


Needless to say, there are an amazing number of his Anglo concertina tunes to choose from, so just let me know if there are any personal favorites or must-haves that you would like to see in the book. Might even include a few songs, too. With dots and tablature, paperback and Kindle, and with the full blessing and support of Mr. Kirkpatrick, MBE.


And yes, the book will include a 30-button version of his unbelievable arrangement of Johann Mattheson's "Gigue" that is featured on Anglo International (and Jump at the Sun).




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The Anglo Concertina Music of John Kirkpatrick is now available in paperback through Red Cow Music, The Button Box, and Amazon! 


144 pages, 72 tunes, all adapted to be playable on a 30-button Anglo (John plays a 40-button Crabb Anglo), and yes, it also includes Johann Matthesons' Gigue (1714) from "Jump at the Sun" and "Anglo International". All songs and tunes are in the exact same keys that John plays them in, and most have QR code links to audio and video.


Melody lines are shown in standard musical notation along with the same easy-to-learn tablature system used in all the other Rollston Press concertina books.


I've attached the Table of Contents plus a sample tune from the book that you can learn to play along with the Brass Monkey album.


Here is one of my favorite tunes from the book:




Needless to say, it has been an absolute pleasure working with John - recently honored with an MBE for his many contributions to traditional music (and to concertina playing too).


John sponsors Anglo Concertina Workshops in Shropshire a couple of times a year, as well as private lessons via Skype, so hopefully the book will give you a good head start on many of his tunes and his style of playing.



A Rollston Press Credo

In case anyone is curious, Rollston Press shares 50% of online and bookstore royalties every quarter with Adrian Brown, Pipp Gillette, John Kirkpatrick, Bertram Levy, Alan Lochhead, John Watcham, and will be doing the same with Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Roger Digby, Jody Kruskal, Pete Morton, Barbara Steinger, Dan Worrall, etc.


The artists also get as many books as they want at printing cost to sell on their own to friends, students, and at gigs and festivals – and they get 100% of those proceeds. If you have the opportunity to buy a book directly from them, please do so!


Some of you may know that many years ago I produced and hosted a British Isles traditional music radio show called “Shepherd’s Hey” in Houston, Texas, and I was horrified to hear the many tales of artists being ripped off by the music biz. When the Bothy Band albums first came out on CD, Matt Molloy said “I don’t care, I never even saw a dime from any of the LP’s”. Likewise, Louis Killen was never paid for his album produced by Patrick Sky. At one point Bernard Wrigley was even bootlegging his own albums.


The wonderful Scottish band Capercaillie constantly fought with Green Linnet Records to get product or even an accounting, and at their behest I tricked Green Linnet into sending me a huge box of CDs at the end of a US tour so they would have something to sell on their upcoming UK tour.


Dave Mattacks of Fairport Convention told me in the 1990’s, when they were nowhere near as popular as in the 1970’s, that he was now seeing not double, not triple, but ten times the amount of money in his pocket from their albums. Unbelievable. And so sad. And the list goes on and on.


So, supporting musicians and artists, especially concertina players, is hugely important to me. And although none of them are getting rich from these books they are at least getting a little recognition and respect… and some much-appreciated beer money!





Prince-William.pdf TOC-JK.pdf

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