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My first arrangement for solo English concertina! Thoughts?

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I love my Busker model English, but I was kind of disappointed with the lack of sheet music to go along with it. The majority of sheet music that I found for English concertina was either very basic, or contained notes that were far out of my 36-key range. 


So I took it upon myself to try arranging a piece of music from one of my favorite video games, which definitely was not composed with concertina in mind: Id/Serenity from the Fire Emblem series. It's been a challenge to try and fit what should be an accordion/piano duet into a G to C3 range, and it's been even more of a challenge to play this with the unusual layout of an English. I've practiced enough to where I can play up to measure 17 consistently, and I've just finished marking the fingerings for the rest of the piece. There are definitely some parts that I feel iffy about, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.


I made the arrangement using the website flat.io, and you can listen to what it sounds like here: https://flat.io/score/60067777e5736d2d23ff77db-id-serenity?sharingKey=50e619045a3cd05e024872bc3080ee0309d7417f591ea3ac07fe1d258db57563fccff067c4c9c1f5e742e0a4d57f1a74fece3ae6fe16724124d80bd479327a6b



Id (Serenity) (1).pdf

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