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The Future of the Button Box

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Seems they've had an admirable run but I'm sad to hear this.  I'm hoping there's some way production of Morse models can continue.

-George, proud owner of Morse #1481

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5 hours ago, Devils' Dream said:

In addition:

Woe is ME!

What am I going to do all day when my wife spends 5 hours at WEB's?



28 minutes ago, Devils' Dream said:

for those who don't know it:


they are in northampton, about 15 minutes south


Don’t worry. Bubb’s Barbecue is still open (actually, they’re closed now for the month of January). Three miles down the road. I never went to the Button Box without also stopping there.



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Don't forget the Bridgeside Grille.  I've had a couple of good meals on their very nice patio while waiting for Bob to work his magic on an instrument.


Sad to see the BB go, but retirement is good - I have first hand experience - and Doug deserves it.  I do wonder about the future of the Morse hybrid instruments, IMO the best of the hybrids.

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Also excellent lobster rolls at the Sugarloaf Frostie just a short walk south on Amherst Road (with an interesting variety of ice cream for dessert too).


I am sorry the retail store is closing, but very relieved to hear that the repair business will continue. 

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Hello all,


Thanks for the well-wishes.  I'm looking forward to cutting back on work and spending more time at home with my wife & toys.  I'm planning to use some of my time working on my anglo, so look out!


Our concertina manufacturing will continue for the summer months.  We'll be finishing any outstanding orders and producing as many Céilí models as we have time and materials left.  We're going to focus on the Céilí since it's the most popular model we sell. 


The concertina workshop will shut its doors at the end of the summer, but Bob Snope will continue to do repairs from his home for the foreseeable future.  I'll be keeping the books, packing & shipping, and ordering parts and materials to keep Bob free to work his magic.  Our website will have details about how to get your instrument to us for repair once the store closes.  In the meantime, you're welcome to email me with questions.



Doug Creighton/The Button Box

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Ah wow, this news is pretty sad to hear. As a local-ish, new-ish player, I'm glad I got the chance to visit last September and again in November. I'd never met anyone else involved with the concertina in my life, so going there was the first and only chance I've gotten to connect with the world of squeezeboxes and their players (outside of reading these forums). It was amazing to walk into the showroom and ogle all the instruments. The folks I met (Michael and Judy, I believe?) were super welcoming and patient. I bought my first 'legit' concertina there, and was glad to go back again in November to buy more sheet music instead of ordering it somewhere online. I was hoping I’d get to make many more visits like that!


I'm certainly happy for Doug Creighton as he takes steps toward retirement, that’s a wonderful thing. I can’t help but feel sad that the BB’s torch won’t be passed on (besides through its lasting legacy of course), but surely business is complicated; I’d be way out of my depth to speculate the why’s or what-if’s. Either way, it always a bit of a blue day when a small business like the BB closes.  u_u,


Though relatively I only just came to know of The Button Box, it's already hard to say farewell to what seemed like a beloved, honest, one-of-a-kind resource (and piece of concertina history!). I hope that maybe I can visit for a third and final time in February before it closes. I will definitely be seeking any concertina servicing that I'll need from the Button Box Repair Shop folks in the future!


Congratulations Doug on the new changes, we’re wishing you all the best! 💐


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