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Sprig! A new harmonic style composition for 20b anglo

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Here's my first attempt to explain, on camera, some background to a tune :P 


"Sprig" refers to the fact that this tune grew out of another one of my pieces - Hazel - whilst I was noodling about on the instrument (as you do!)



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I forgot to add some text!
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Liked your new tune -- it's very danceable, which to me makes it all the more attractive. Intriguing harmonies, too -- all from a mere 20-button instrument. thank you.

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Thankyou!  I’d love to see dancing to it - wouldnt that be nice! I find the instrument does so very easily want to dance along.


The 20b is a wonderful thing and there’s plenty more to do with it, I feel.  It does help of course that I’m coming up with tunes that it wants to play and I’m playing solo!


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