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26 Keys. Jones or Lachenal?

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I would really appreciate your opinions on this one.

I´m looking to pick up the Anglo and I prefer vintage. 

26 keys would be great since they usually are less expensive than 30 keys.

Are the mahogany Lachenal steel reeds (pic) better than a Jones? 

Thank you!



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Papawemba has a nice Jones for sale in the buys/wants section complete with videos. He has mentioned how he loves the tone several times in the last few years.

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Posted (edited)

ha ha thank Tiposx pointing to my concertina 😉

As a beginner, I am not qualified to really answer your question...

But as I understand, there are reeds but also all the inside mechanic that matters.

There aren't really a "better" one between Jones and Lachenal (for same category of course) but a matter of taste. As I understand, Jones have broad reeds which make a softer tone. Lachenal are more strident. 

And Jones have bushed buttons which prevent hearing the clicking sound.

The problem with vintage is that they are all somehow different depending of years of construction, if played a lot and all...The best way is to try it but of course it is not always possible 😉 

Maybe this article about Jones can help you a bit: http://www.concertina.com/butler/butler-story-of-george-jones.pdf


Good luck !

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