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Jeffries Anglo player.....South Worcs/North Glos/East Devon/West Dorset...

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My wife has decided that, despite my best efforts and proactive encouragement she does not want to learn to play the Concertina.  I am frustrated because she 'can' but really does not have the time or, more sadly, the inclination to work at it.


I can not play it beyond some very simple 'dotting' of notes to approximate a tune and couldn't if I wanted to due to the same finger/hand problems that led to me putting the Crane down.


It is a Jeffries Anglo 39k, it is in A/E ( not Ab/Eb) tuning and the buttons appear to be laid out in the same pattern, the requisite steps apart, as a standard Jeffries 39k in C/G as per the Net layouts.  


It came to us entirely unplayable and it has been cleaned, re-valved, re-padded etc and now plays nicely ( within the constraints of my ability ).  I would really like to have a 'promo' video of it being played  so as to advertise it "warts and all" in the hope of getting a fair/realistic price for it, which would end up satisfying all parties involved.


I "know" it might benefit from a few new springs, so may benefit from further investment in the hands of one of the 'top fettlers'.....I know it is in "Society of the Arts" tuning ( like John Lennons guitars ) at A=444......,which I do not find discordant when played with instruments in 440hz ( but I do have no ear for music! )......I "believe" and have been supported by the views of others that the bellows, whilst un- gilded and without 'fancy' papers are 'original' and I know that A/E tuning is rare in Jeffries, but not unheard of - an experienced member has one too.  It may well have been a singers instrument or for Chapel use originally.


I did have it played by an 'improver' Anglo player at the weekend, but the Jeffries layout and extra buttons was a little confounding for them initially, although it led to a nice rendition of the Cheshire Waltz once they had it sorted, but not really a 'video'able level one.


The long and the short is I am wondering if there are any players in any of the 'title' areas, who, with the easing of regulations would be prepared to meet and give it a run out for us.....We are Worcs/Glos for this week, then down South for several.....


PM is fine......



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Hello Nigel, thanks for the reply, I fully understand your price, I learnt my tecniques from Steve Dickinson decades ago and I try to get ciose to his level of expertise,From the photos Iwould look yo do things my way hencemynot offering your asking price. If you have any change of heart then pleasemail me .

Best regards.


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Hi Mike, this was not an advert to sell.  It still isn't!  But given your public post responding to a 'private' exchange, and to clarify re. your private critique and my subsequent rebuttal of the suggestion that it contained 'safety pins' for springs and had 'possibly saveable' bellows, I add the images you mention. 


As mentioned in the initial post, some of the quirky/short legged/armed original springs could do with replacing but that really does require specifically made "short" springs, one or two have already been replaced - as can be seen - with M. L-A ones.  The leather 'dots' on the bellows are temporary repairs for 3 ?  'pin-prick' holes and the bellows are otherwise very sturdy, typically Jeffries quality and entirely functional and "sound" in operation.  The lack of access to a 'skiver' & lock-downs have limited making a more subtle & sensitive solution. 


Enquiries with respected sources suggest that a valuation of £3.5k is "realistic" and that £3k is very much a Dealer valuation pre retail % "mark up", which as a private seller, we prefer to 'relieve' a potential buyer from having to spend.  It allows for an outlay for a new owner for any necessary work "within" the overall 'potential' value of the instrument and as always, I am amenable to posting abroad and working with potential buyers to mediate costs the involved within my "end". 


This was not intended as an "Advert", so not supported by a 'price' or images, but for the sake of clarity given your post which does imply some criticism of the instrument, I enclose said images.  We are hopeful of finding someone to play it to assist the sale in early July at the latest and am in no great hurry to sell before then.







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Nigel, thanks for the update,may I ask what area of playing are you interested in .If you want ro go the ITM scene then a C/G may be better,I have a John Crabb 31 key fully restored  with new 7 fold bellows ith papers and the period gold tooling in C/G if that is a possible area of interest. If you want some plcs let me know.





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