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Wheatstone concertina - value?


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Hi all, I have inherited a Wheatstone Concertina and am hoping to get it valued in order to sell it on.


Serial number can be seen in photo attached, it seems to date from 1948-1950.


This forum seems very active so I'm hoping someone here could point me in the right direction!


Thanks so much, Trish









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Posted (edited)

Hi JimR,


Thanks for your reply. Sorry about that- I tried using Photobucket for the first time!🙈


Hopefully these are more helpful..











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Its worth depends partly on where you are and is probably more than you think.

1948-50 is not the most valued period but maybe not the least.

In UK, Barleycorn Concertinas site may give you an idea - a search will turn up other dealers/repairers.

Hobgoblin is a loose chain of shops in UK that does concertinas.

IN USA there is Concertina Connection among others.

It is an Anglo instrument and 30 key is probably the most popular - especially in Ireland.

Good luck!

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I'm assuming you're not a concertina player yourself. I apologise if the following is grandmother egg-sucking.


It wouldn't hurt to check which are its basic keys. Press the one button that's away from all the others, nearer the hand rest on one end, and pull the bellows out a bit, then release that button, press a few of those in the middle row on either end and push the bellows together. You should get a chord. If it's C major the instrument's two basic keys are C and G, which is the commonest combination and most popular in Ireland.


A major influence on its value is its condition. For a start, do all the notes work (each button in both directions of the bellows)? Do they all sound OK? If you push and pull gently on the bellows, without pressing any buttons, does much air leak in (when you're pulling) or out (when you're pushing)?

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Hi Trish,

 If you wanted to give us a call at Barleycorn Concertinas then we'd be happy to talk you through the main things that would affect value (e.g the key the instrument is in, as Richard mentioned above). The instrument is from Wheatstone's later period which means it will never be as valuable as their top-range instruments as they made them out of cheaper materials throughout at this stage. It will however be worth a fair amount! If you want to get in touch our details are on https://concertina.co.uk/

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Thanks so much Ciaran and Richard.


I have been in contact with someone here in Ireland so I'll pursue this avenue first as it can be seen, played etc. in person. This forum has been so helpful!


Thanks again,


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