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Peacock Hayden Duet SOLD


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Purchased new in 2018 from The Button Box.  Includes the hard case and tutor which is written for the Elyse duet but works just fine for the Peacock.  

Description from the Button Box:  Peacock model Hayden (Wicki) duet. 42 keys (19 left, 23 right) with a range from the tenor C to the G♯ above middle C on the left side, and middle C to the high C (3 octaves above middle C) on the right side.  Flat-top 3/16" metal-capped buttons arranged in rows parallel to the handrests. Riveted action, hand-finished accordion-type reeds. 6-fold black leather Wakker bellows. 7" across, weighs 2 lbs 15 oz.


You can check out further information about the Peacock on Concertina Connection or The Button Box.  

$2,850 CAD.  You pay the shipping cost.

Windsor, Ontario Canada



hard case.jpg

peacock profile.jpg


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