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Husavik (My Hometown)


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Fancy a little Icelandic music? Especially one that should have won an Oscar? From the singing of Molly Sanden, Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell, but here in the Key of G instead of the concertina-unfriendly original key of F#.


Let's just say the elves have provided this arrangement for 30-button Anglo concertina.


The more air you can take in during measure 98, the longer you can hold the mythical "speorg note"!





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I just want to add this is a really good exercise for finding and using alternate notes on the Anglo when trying to play as smoothly as possible in both directions, and also due to wanting to play certain chords under the melody.


The lack of a high d' on the pull is really frustrating, but not insurmountable!



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