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Whitby Folk Week 2021 now cancelled.

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Whitby Folk Week, 21st - 28th August 2021, is now cancelled.


I've just heard from the organisers who deal with the artists, dance teams, and workshop leaders. Sue Houston writes:


After much deliberation, Whitby folk week directors have reluctantly had to make the decision to rollover the festival from this year until August 2022. We have no idea whether social restrictions, such as social distancing, will be fully relaxed by August and we envisage a lot of people descending on the town this summer.  We know this will be disappointing news, but I am aware that many of you do have your own reservations.  We are mindful of the ongoing need to protect each other, and the town, and to ensure the future of the festival.


So - there you have it. Sad but probably the safest option both in terms of health of everyone and minimising the financial risk for the organisers. At the moment the Whitby Folk Week website has not been updated to reflect the cancellation; the decision to cancel has only just been made (26th April).

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The cancellation is now official on the Whitby Folk Week website home page.

Here's what it says:



In the light of the continuing pandemic and the uncertainty of restrictions such as social distancing and face coverings being fully relaxed by August, the Whitby Folk Week directors have taken the extremely difficult decision to postpone the 2021 festival until the 20th-26th August 2022.

The very essence of Whitby Folk Week is our community; being together to dance, sing, play music and be with friends and family. Ceilidhs, morris dancing, sessions, workshops, sing-arounds and bustling venues are at the heart of this, and they are simply not possible with any level of social distancing in place. Whitby Folk Week without these things would not be the Whitby Folk Week we know and love.

There are also more practical considerations such as the availability of the Spa, ever changing restrictions and the fact that any financial risk in this already unpredictable year may well jeopardise future festivals. To ensure a positive future for the festival, we must be mindful of the ongoing need to protect each other, as well as the town of Whitby, and our festival and its reputation.

For this year, we will contact ticket holders over the next few days and, as last year, we will host a Whitby@Home, which we hope you will support, to keep us all going until we can have the festival back to its old self.

Hopefully, in 2022, we will collect our heather in person, hug our friends, dance, sing and play to our hearts' content. In the meantime, we send our very best wishes for continued health and happiness to all our supporters and their loved ones.

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The main dance and concert venue in the Spa is being used as a Covid vaccination centre, working from 8am to 8pm every day with the car park above the Spa cordoned off to make a one way system so will probably be unavailable for some time to come. 

 🎶 looking forward to seeing everyone safely next year 😁👍


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