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Tom Buchanan's Scottish Tome

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I hope this is the right place for this...


The other day, while indulging my hobby of plundering 'legacy' ABC files for good new

tunes, I came across a whole directory of files which I had no memory of ever downloading.

A little searching revealed the source:


Tom Buchanan's Scottish Tome


That link directs you to a web page which has over 1100 Scottish/Irish tunes in ABC

sub-collections (jigs, reels, etc.), and individually in ABC, PDF and page scan formats.


There is also a (PDF) document explaining how the project originated (on The Session )

and how it was implemented. Very interesting - if you are a computer nerd like me...


It worked for me - first shot out of the box, I found a tune I had been looking for for

~3 months, (and I'm such a dozy git that I hadn't even realised I'd been looking for it...😎)


I don't think this collection has been mentioned here before - apologies for the duplication

if it has, but it might be worth a look...


I think I'll x-post this to melodeon.net...

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Crikey! You folks are sharp off your marks!


I'm in the local library where the machines are the ones Noah used to design the bloody Ark!

The thing was refusing to accept the URLs I was entering - fixed now!

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