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im building a piano fingered concertina

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4 minutes ago, Geoffrey Crabb said:

Crabb 8827 (1907) Piano layout. 53 button. 


Thanks Geoff, so there's (seemingly) a big space-saving internally (compared with an Anglo) from not having a wind key, so 29 buttons on the right-hand side and 25 on the left = 54... 


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                Due to some negative opinions of the piano layout concertinas in general and the usefulness or lack of, I have been asked, in PM’s, why these instruments were ever made by ‘Crabb’.

                During the life of the firm, nearly 100% of Crabb concertinas were made to order. 

These included instruments requested to be made to customer requirements that deviated from what was or had become recognised as standard.


Why were they made?

                Following the gradual decline and end of orders (1895-1900) from a ‘major’ customer /dealer for Anglo’s and the death of his father, (John 1903), Henry Thomas Crabb, my grandfather, then being a lone independent maker, could not really afford to turn down work, and so, in addition to established models, some of these requested deviant instruments, if ‘makeable’, were constructed and supplied.

                However, in the case of the piano duet, as success of these ‘ventures’ was unknown, a proviso stipulated that, should the concept be a failure, disposal of the instrument would be the responsibility, and at the risk, of the customer, not the maker.  (No monies would be refunded).

 I have attached the key board layout of two versions of a Crabb piano duet made by Henry Thomas Crabb, circa 1907/8 and designated them as Models PD1 & PD2.

HT Crabb Piano Duets.doc

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