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Eb/Bb Scholer - missing one brass Reed - anyone want it?

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Hi there


This Scholer (E German) 20b  that interestingly plays in Eb and Bb came to me via a friend seeing it in a charity shop.  And fiddling about with it made me sure I wanted to get a really nice Lachenal 20b last year! (And boy am I glad about that..love it to bits)  So I thank it for that - it got me going just at the start of the initial lockdown with Covid!


However that said one of its reeds is missing (button 5 on the left on the push)


As I’ve seen before here, repairers have said it’s not worth repairing and they can’t get hold of brass reeds.  But I think someone here recently has a project they’re working on that they want brass reeds for too and it shows that people are interested


But more to the point I’m not personally interested in restoring things - so I wondered if anyone else fancied it (for the price of postage) for whatever project they’d like to use it on





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The top row is particularly easy to play - the bottom somewhat stiffer just now.  I’m glad someone has given it attention in the past.  It is fine single line though I think with harmony it’d use a wee tune here and there. 

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