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Hazel - another new harmonic style 20button Anglo tune

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Here’s my latest adventures on the 20button.  It’s back from its visit to the doctors, hale and hearty and raring to go :)


And this one is a bit different in that it is accompanied by a poetry reading, inspired by tree folklore and a tale from Welsh and Irish legend.  But mostly because it just wanted to play this tune after coming back! 


Having fun exploring the Lydian mode i.e. C major scale with an added Fsharp (made for this instrument!) and playing with a drone accompaniment amongst other harmonic treatments - and coming up with an introductory bit, for a change ;) 


It would be lovely to connect on YouTube - always like to follow what fellow Anglo enthusiasts are up to so please do drop by and say hello 


My channel is here:




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What’s especially nice is that my poet friend Giles today came back from visiting his parents, having showed them the video, with a Lachenal 20b that looked a twin of mine virtually! (And this is in SW Australia)


Turns out his dad played (as well as harmonica) and used to spend many hours restoring things including harmoniums and old organs.  

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That was a feast! The music had a particular depth and feeling.  


I have never been a connoisseur of poetry, but there have been a few exceptions. The recitation of the poem at the end is one of the few.


I am also amazed that the music was done on a lowly 20 button anglo (maybe I should not consider it "lowly" anymore)!

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