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Saltarelle Conemara Ii C#/d


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Saltarelle 2½-row ‘Connemara II' 2-voice C#/D box with dry-tuned reeds, flat keyboard and 12 bases with stop to remove 3rds. 2 years old and in good condition. Price 930GBpounds plus shipping. Hard case included.


Located in northeast England.



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The layout of the 4 extra bases on the Saltarelle are as follows;


top left (nearest chin/airbutton) base pair are C# Major (push) / G# Major (pull)

top right (nearest chin/bellows) base pair are F Major (push) / C Major (pull)



The note layout on the treble extra half-row is as follows (starting at button nearest chin and moving downwards)


1. E (push) / F(pull)

2. G / G#

3. B / A

4. E / D

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