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George Jones 22-key Concertina

Gill B

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I have recently re-read the George Jones memoir in which he   states :
"The German concertina having one semitone only [F# on the G row], I made one with 22 keys for my own use and later made one with 26 keys full chromatic scale......''.


Is it known what happened to the 22-key instrument?

I have an early metal-ended Jones which was sold to me over 10 years ago by Chris Algar as a 26 button Anglo with an unusual lay out.
This would, however, fit the description of the 22-key concertina, if the bird calls, drone and air buttons are not included.
Could this be a second 22 key instrument, or even the original?
It has no date, makers mark or serial number, but has typical Jones ends.
I have looked at the reeds on the right hand side only and the ones that can be read  are all stamped with the correct note for the key of C. The extra button has a C sharp and D sharp reed.

I'd be grateful for any information.  Gill



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I'd suggest this is a few decades into Jones' concertina production. Very similar instruments (flat metal ends with similar fretwork and lots of screws) but with more buttons are known. I have a 34 key BbF with very similar features that I guess is from the 1870s - 1890s. But I love yours even if it may not be one of Jones' earliest.  I'm a fan of 22 key instruments anyway. Congratulations on an unusual concertina!


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Thanks for your reply Paul.  I had come to the conclusion that it was a much later instrument than Jones' original prototypes.

It is a fun box to play and the position of the extra buttons is excellent and not at all confusing. I have it tuned in Just Intonation for playing with Northumbrian pipes.

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