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How to modify, correct and actuakze Concertina.net Profile ?

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Click on your ‘avatar’ (in your case, the J in the green circle). That takes you to your profile page. You can do so without leaving this page by right-clicking the avatar (or on a Mac, control-clicking it) and choosing from the drop-down menu to open the link in a new tab or window).


Near the upper right corner of the panel near the top of the profile page that contains your name in large letters is a small gray rectangle with rounded corners that contains, in white, an image of a pencil and the words “Edit Profile.” Click it.


That brings up a form where you can enter or edit most of the material contained in your profile. Complete it and click “Save” at the bottom right.


To add or edit an avatar image, click the little square white link with a tiny image of a mountain and sun (as you hover over it, you’ll see the words “Profile Photo”). Follow the instructions in the window that comes up, then click “Continue” to crop and resize the avatar image.


If you want to change your name, I believe you’ll have to reregister as another user. I might be wrong. Others might know better.


Does that answer your question?


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