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Leather for hand straps

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Where (in the US) can I buy leather to make new hand straps for an Anglo? And what should I look for? (type of leather, thickness, etc.)?


I need to design new straps to accommodate the brace I'm wearing for my arthritic thumb!



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Jim, I was at ButtonBox once and wanted a piece of leather to make a strap for one of the toy melodions I had.  Doug sold me a bit at a reasonable price.  Might have been goat?  it was about an eighth-inch (or even 3/16) thick, as I recall.  Worked fine, gone now, through no fault of the leather.  At any rate, I'd call Doug for a start, though plenty of folk on this site will know, for sure.  From an engineering standpoint, I'd like to see what the brace looks like.

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