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Low price for very early Wheatstone?


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I am saw this Wheatstone English concertina sell on ebay. Though I am not an expert I thought such an instrument must be a very very early model and would have a much higher value at auction because of it's historical significance, rarity, and all the other qualities it probably possesses.


Would someone with more information comment on the results of this auction.













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Firstly, I wouldn't consider it such a "very very early model" - I'd reserve those sort of terms for instruments similar to the one in my avatar, which has for at least a century-and-a-half been reputed (in print) to be the first concertina, and for which (in 1988) I set a then record price.


The one on eBay was what Wheatstone's described as a "Plain" model, the cheapest version of the (already much-more-developed) instrument that they made in the 1840s. I wasn't interested in it because I've long had one in much better condition, with its original case, and with interesting provenance.


But, in general, the concertinas that are most sought after are the best models for playing, rather than historical ones, and they are much later in date than the likes of this (beginner-level) instrument.

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