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What concertina to get after Rochelle?

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Concertina Connection will take your Rochelle as a trade-in even if you didn't buy it there.


One other thing to consider: your budget is probably just enough to get a restored Lachenal or Jones if you want an instrument with traditional concertina-type reeds.  

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18 hours ago, Snowbeast said:

So I actually have the Rochelle 2, would a minstrel be a significant step up? Would it be something I could possibly play for a few year or should I wait(a year or so to save up) and get a clover or ceili when I can?

Personally, from what I've read in addition to having briefly played a Minstrel, I would save up for a Clover, Ceilli, or even an Edgley.  You could always buy used too.  The Minstrel is a good step up from a Rochelle, but you would see a big difference with the other listed ones and wouldn't feel the need to step up again for quite some time.  That's my $.02

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I went from a Minstrel (with the nice bellows upgrade) to a Clover. I think it has marginal improvements in sound quality and playability, but a large portion of the money comes in a nicer fit and finish, which I appreciate. The buttons feel better and it overall just seems like a higher quality instrument.


I think if you got a Minstrel without the nice bellows, it wouldn't be as big of an upgrade as a Clover or similar quality "nice" hybrid. Anything is a huge upgrade from the Rochelle 1, but I'm not familiar with the 2.


but hey - you're the first person I've seen with a Rochelle 2! I think we'd all love to see some pictures, hear what you think of it, maybe even a video :) It's a very interesting development in starter concertinas.


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6 hours ago, Mikefule said:

My step up from a Rochelle was to a Marcus.  I have since stepped up further to a Dipper, but the Marcus was an impressive box and I sometimes regret selling it.

My step-up from a 20-button was to a 30-button - the very Marcus Mikefule is referring to. It is indeed an

impressive instrument. It's sitting beside me right now. (Pause while I play 'Back to the Army Again' for 30

seconds or so...😎). It is my first-choice instrument when I play for t'Morris, or with the Beech Band (when

we're allowed to, of course).


If the post was intended to recommend a Marcus as a good second instrument, I would heartily endorse

that recommendation...

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Check also concertina by Hamon (model Herrington classic). I just got one and I am super happy ! I'll probably write a small review in about a week or so. The maker (Seth Hamon) is a member here and I was happy with everything including service. For a long time I have hesitated between many in this "price range" including Marcus, Phoenix, Minstrel, The Clare,...  Not sure why at first but my heart went for Hamon's maker concertina.

I just can't put it down (the concertina, not the maker 😉   )



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