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Here are 2 compositions by american musicians interested in silence:

The first one searched for a possibility to express silence in music without using any rest (caution: risk to fall asleep):


The second one wanted to express the impossibility of silence and the possible musicality of our environment (concertina sighting at 3'04):



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Ha,ha, while we’re on the subject, one of the things I really like about some Morris tunes is the way it can be played with hesitations, or silence at the beginning of each phrase or dance move and then there’s a great solid rhythm till the next hesitation. 

It reminds me of some medieval music where the emphasis is on word phrases of differing length and time, as though each phrase is it’s own tune.

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Sounds a bit like what John Spiers has been doing on his Isolation Pub Sessions series on Youtube.  A few times he'll have what he calls "stops" (if memory serves) during a Morris tune - a pause and slowing of the tune for a few measures - which I guess coincides with the dances associated with those tunes. It's fun to watch the guest videos that jam with him as they adjust to those. 

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