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Musical Notation for beginners


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I am an absolute beginner currently working my way through Gary Coovers excellent book 'Easy Anglo 123' on my 20 button. I am finding that my brain is reading the fingering notation and ignoring the notes on the stave. I worry that I am getting into bad habits particularly when I find that other sources of tunes use different or no fingering notation.

I have just discovered ABC and see that as a way of keeping a collection of tunes I like and can perform but its only of use if easyABC will display gary's fingering notation. Is there a way of making it do that or is there a better app to achieve this?

There are fonts available which will display notes plus the associated fingering but I cannot see a way of changing easyABC's musical note font.


I am a retired IT professional trying to keep sane in these difficult times and I really find that learning the concertina is a rewarding pasttime.


Thanks in anticipation of help.

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Tab is great, but limited. Music notation without tab is abundant. The sooner you learn to read it the happier you will be. Think of tab like training wheels on a bicycle. You don’t see them on the bikes available for rent at numerous stands around most cities. To be able to ride most bikes, you need to get past needing training wheels.

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