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Green Grows the Laurel


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1 hour ago, dmksails said:

...does anyone know of the song "Green Grows the Laurel" and where I could get the music for it?


Is this the one? Nice - it's now on my 'little list'.


See also http://glostrad.com/green-grow-the-laurels/.


Basic ABC and PDF attached. It's in F. I'm happy to transpose it to another key if you don't have the software....


ggtl.abc Green Grows the Laurel.pdf

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3 hours ago, JimR said:

TheSession.org has Green Grows the Rushes. Looks the same.


Green grow the rushes was one of those songs which we hated because of the way they taught it to us in primary school.

Thanks to singers like Dougie MacLean, it has come to be better appreciated as a fine song.




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10 minutes ago, dmksails said:

Brilliant. Thank you!


With an opening shot of Clint Eastwood looking mean and lean well before his Good/Bad/Ugly

days, eh? 'Twas very popular in the UK...

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