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Supporting Live Music. Do you?

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The one thing we miss most in these times is attending live music events. Orchestras, jazz clubs, pub jams and performances, cafe and restaurants with piano, guitar or whatever. We also attended swing dances,  plays, poetry readings, museum lectures, etc.

Fortunately, technology has created venues for musicians and artists. The best thing about online presence is now I can attend a show or lecture  in Rio or Dublin or NYC. 

For many professional musicians, there is a major loss of income and artistic outlet. Many artists, musicians in particular, have turned to online venues to perform. Some do so for free, some ask for donations and others require a ticket purchase. Jams still take place via Zoom, Jamulus, and other online apps and sites. 

Do you take advantage of these online opportunities? Do you still support live music and the musicians?

If so why. If not, why not?


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Late last year, the Musical Instrument Museum (mim.org) had a test concert of a local Blues player, Hans Olson. MIM chose the seats for ticketholders beforehand, and alternate rows of seats were blocked off. I enjoyed that show. The MIM has since put on several but not many additional shows, similarly spaced. I will attend more.


If you find yourself with a free day in the Phoenix area of Arizona, visit the MIM. It is an incredible place.

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