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As has become habit of late, I was reading about concertina history to relax before bed, and a series of links brought me to Concertina Connection's site, where something caught my eye: 

http://www.concertinaconnection.com/rochelle-2 anglo.htm


Looks like a smaller Rochelle with a flat mounted reed pan. Glad to see something more in line with their other hybrid designs for not much more money than the original Rochelle. 



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2 hours ago, TapTheForwardAssist said:

And if there is to be an Elise-2, will it be a smaller box with the same key array, or a same-size box but with added accidentals?


Based on what we've heard in the past, I wouldn't expect Wim to change the note layout of the Elise. Whenever questions arise about, for example, offering a G/D Rochelle or Clover model or more notes on the Elise, my recollection is that he says he is selling what the worldwide market is buying, not just a single genre of music or nation of music makers. I can see his point - it is sales volume that supports creating so many new models, which is something for which Wim deserves significant credit. I can't think of another maker that offers as wide a range as he does.


If I am mistaken in this impression I'm sure someone will correct me. 😉



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I wrote to Wim Wakker because I had a couple of questions about the Rochelle 2, and here's what he wrote back.


Wim writes:


"We will continue building the standard Rochelle (and Jackie/Jack/Elise) models for the foreseeable future (we passed the 10.000 mark early 2020 for these models).

The R2 is made at out new (modern) shop. This shop will also be building the updated Jackie/Jack and Elise models (probably late2021/2022). The R2 availability will be limited at least till July. We’re fine tuning the production process and material supply continuity. This works best with building small series (10-15 instruments per month).   


The reasons for the amplifonic [flat-mounted reed] design of the R2 are space, the R2 is just a wide as a vintage anglo, and reed harmonics/performance. The R2 has the same reed amplitude profile, and therefore harmonics performance as all the other hybrid anglos out there, because they all have the same basic design. We wanted to offer an entry level model that was standard sized (both flat to flat, and width), and had the performance profile of the other hybrids. The standard Rochelle is much more mellow sounding because of the angled reed blocks, and might be more suited for someone who just wants a ‘nice’ sounding instrument for playing at home."

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