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They all have published songbooks which you should be able to get from most music shops, or online. They won't be arranged for concertina of course, but should give you the melody and chords.

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or do a search for ‘guitar’ and ‘tab’.


These sites will only sometimes give you notation but at least you’ll definitely have the lyrics and chords. Most sites let you transcribe the song to your favourite key too. 
Funnily enough there are a fair number of French sites that give you notation for well known English and US pop songs. 
Another great one is Musescore.com you have, I believe, a 15 US dollar per annum fee but the quality of user shared music (midi player) is very high. Again the music can be transcribed to your favourite key.


Yet one more. It’s anything to do with ‘ukulele’ or ‘pdf’ as a search word. These guys are great! Lots of fun and popular songs often collated into pdfs. Almost every song is in the key of C major/A minor, so good for ear training and they give a good idea of songs that work for audiences, at least. :) 


Good luck!!

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