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Anglo concertina and piano accordian.....


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1 hour ago, billyboy said:

the "C" button of the fundamental bass row is slightly concave


Exactly what it's there for. That's all the help you get, I'm afraid! You'll get used to finding it quicker. Stick with it.


No need to see them, you'll need to get used to 'surviving' with touch alone. In my experience it's even more confusing to use a mirror so I'd advise against that.


Maybe you could superglue a rhinestone into the concave button?


If your fingers are tough and guitar-hardened, try using your fingernail to differentiate them. 


Maybe someone else who plays accordions will have a better idea...


Congrats on your new purchase, hope it brings you lots of pleasure playing some different styles. All the very best of luck!

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i agree on the 'no mirror'.   i find that my left hand has a tendency to drift up the strap, so to speak, so i loose my position.  something i need to work on.   gluing in a rhinestone is a novel idea, but i think i'll fight thru it for now.   but thanks for the idea.



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Had anyone else combined Anglo and piano accordion in an arrangement?  I’m starting to realise what a great combination this can be!  The Anglo really does have a different timbre that shines through.  Obviously we can’t play both at the same time 😛 but it’s been fun to play with recording!

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