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Gary Coover's 'Pocket Shantyman' from Amazon will give you 130 shanties - melody plus lyrics, but no chords as they are supposed to be sung a cappella.


Folk tune finder might help, but if by 'modern folk tunes' you mean singer-songwriter tunes then they would all be in copyright.  You might be able to find yhe scores for specific singer-songwriter tunes with a Google search (image search is worth trying), otherwise you will have to buy some songbooks.


BTW.  The title of your topic makes no sense so you might want to change it.

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There are lots of books out there with music for traditional folk songs and sea songs, plus many can be found online. The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs is a good collection, and lots of shanties are in the Stan Hugill books.


In the Shameless Plug Department:  Pirate Songs and Sailor Songs have music and chords and lyrics to over 150 nautical songs and sea shanties, and both also have editions with tablature arranged for Anglo concertina editions. Sailor Songs for 20-Button Anglo Concertina is extracted from the two previous books. All are available in paperback and Kindle formats from the Button Box, Red Cow Music, and Amazon. 



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4 hours ago, gcoover said:

lots of shanties are in the Stan Hugill books.

I'm looking at my copy of Songs from the Seven Seas right now, and it occurs to me that some of those

scores are a little difficult to read in some parts.


If you can track a copy down (I don't know if it was ever re-printed), the shorter Sea Shanties (Barrie &

Jenkins, London, 1977. 0 214 20329) might be a good bet? There's still (from memory) 120+ songs in there...

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