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Wheatstone Concertina (Steve Dickinson) 30 button C/G


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On 3/2/2021 at 6:05 PM, richard said:

The main point is that when someone is trying to sell something I feel asking them to rationalize the price and explain themselves in general works against the purpose of that specific type of posting. I have been in that position.


A discussion on the topic of pricing of instruments and comparative qualities of different makes and vintages is an interesting topic and I believe should be made in as an independent posting, so not to complicate or even undermine someone's attempt to offer an instrument for sale.


To be fair to Micheal, that's not how I read his comments. I read it as his main thrust being that

A: he could not afford it and B: That he could get a brand new Suttner for significantly less.


Remember that he is coming from a Hohner. If I were in that position then the £4000 for a new Suttner (Still a fine instrument I believe) would be the more appropriate upgrade.


His questions on why it was listed for so much seemed more of an afterthought, and even then possibly a genuine question from a relative novice. Even the seller hinted that it might be priced a bit high.


I agree that general questions re the relative qualities and values should not be in a for sale thread, but I didn't get the impression that Micheal was trying to undermine the sale in anyway.




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I never thought that Michael  was trying to undermine the efforts of the seller, or that he did undermine anything.


I think there is the potential on this type of forum for contributors to unfairly negatively influence a potential sale for the person posting the ad.  


If I had a question about the quality or pricing I think a private message, in this context is more appropriate.



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