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Opinion on Vintage Concertina by the Irish Concertina Company?

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, and grateful for all the insights I've read here! I've been playing the anglo concertina for about 8 months and am now in the dreaded phase of moving up to an intermediate instrument... I wanted to ask whether anyone might be able to share their experience with the Vintage Concertina from the Irish Concertina Company. It is in a similar price range and appears to have similar components to the 7Mount, which I've heard so many fabulous things about--but I don't think I have a chance of getting my hands on one of those anytime soon (the waitlist is closed). Since I'm in Berlin, I'm looking only at EU/Irish concertinas for the moment.

Grateful for any advice you may have to offer!


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have you tried a Suttner concertina? They are rather popular in Ireland but made in Germany, you could probably go and try one when lockdown measures are lifted (I am not entirely sure of the rules regarding that in Germany at the moment), I believe Jurgen Suttner keeps display models. 


Sorry I have not tried the Vintage from the Irish concertina company though.

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Thanks for your thoughts! I've heard great things about Suttners. I may need to consider getting on his list. I've decided to buy a hybrid Clare from the Irish Concertina Company second-hand for now, as I really need a new instrument ASAP - I'm still on a Stagi, and it's getting a bit frustrating. Once lockdown is over I can make a pilgrimate to Jürgen Suttner's atelier!

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Though you may be eager to upgrade from your Stagi, I wouldn't be so hasty silbersee - there are other options for new, good quality, concertinas in Ireland.


There's Kevin Costello in Tulla, Co. Clare, who works with Ralf Schlimm of 7 Mount Concertinas in the construction of new concertinas, and assembles them in Ireland.


And there's José Claro in Tralee, Co. Kerry, who hand-makes a wide selection of models (including a much nicer hybrid instrument). He doesn't have a website, but this is his 2015 brochure:



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Man, what a tough thing to try to search for on this forum: a four word named instrument where three of the words are probably the most commonly used three words on the forum. Using google, I was able to find this thread wherein 2 members offer their opinions on the "Vintage":

Other searches about the Clare don't produce much of benefit, and those for Sean Garvey seem focused on models of his from a decade ago.


Gregor Markič is a frequent contributor on here who recently got a Clare after starting on McNeela concertinas, if I recall correctly. He may be able to offer opinions on that model.


This post is as much for my own desire to collate info on these models as for anything else, as silbersee made their decision several hours ago (after I had found that old thread, but before I logged in to post again).



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Dear Silbersee,


I can only confirm what I wrote about them some time ago.They are good instruments , very reliable ,the Clare has a nice sound and plays very easy.About the service:last winter a reed went flat , I had a a new one from Garvey in about one week.,after I sent ihm an email. If you go to Siegen (Suttner) come to Münster and I can show you them.

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