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Looking for a Concertina Duet teacher

Julie Delorme

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To confuse things further, Crane is the most common name for the system today, but you may occasionally see it called Butterworth or Triumph.


As I understand it, Professor Butterworth was the name of the inventor, Crane & Sons was the name of the company that bought the patent and popularised the system, and Triumph is what the Salvation Army called it (they commissioned quite a lot of them and resold them to their flock). I believe most of the instruments Crane & Sons sold were actually made for them by Lachenal.


The Crabb company made instruments that were practically the same except the rows of the keyboard were chevron shaped rather than curved. They didn't officially refer to them as Crane because that was the name of a (much larger) competitor.

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Hello Julie.  Because you may find it difficult to find a Crane player near enough for in person lessons (I'm in central NY and play Jeffries duet) and if you like Quebecois music, and if you are willing and able to learn by ear, I can send you my simple version of what I consider a "gateway" tune to Duet which I think will be of great value for learning any system.  It is "Alfred Montmarquette's 6/8 in A minor, C and F".  Don't be scared by the title.  It's in three simple parts in three of the easiest keys on duet (I'm assuming this for the others as well as JD).  In addition to learning 3 keys with one tune and confidence in modulating from one to another, learning to play in the minor helps with the major which is harder (on JD).  If you find this works for you, then try it in D minor which will introduce Bb major another easy key.  Add a B minor version and you gain G major.  I'd encourage starting the tune with the left hand and working across to the right.  If you need the dots, Gary Coover's JD tutor Has 'em.  PM me with your email if you think this might be helpful and I'll send you a short vid.  


Peace, Health and Harmony


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