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14 hours ago, FirbolgNorc said:

That's for concertina and just single notes?


Very few things are notated “for concertina.” This is a standard lead sheet for any instrument: melody, words, and chords. If you can’t learn to work with that and apply it to the concertina you’ll be missing out on a great deal of enjoyment in life.

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FirbolgNorc, what Peter posted is pretty good in that it gives you the melody and the chordal accompaniment. This is good for any instrument including concertina. If you're looking for something more concertina specific you'd need to let us know what type of concertina you play.

  • For an Anglo concertina you could look up left hand chords to play along with the melody here: https://concertutor.wordpress.com/fitting-chords-to-your-playing/chord-fingerings/
  • A duet concertina would offer a lot of chordal accompaniment options but there are also different layouts.
  • For an English concertina you could certainly play the melody but would have fewer options with the accompaniment but still possible even if just adding a drone note here or there. But I'm certainly no expert on English concertinas.
  • Being from Ohio it might even be a Chemnitzer concertina. I'd also be lost with how to help with one of these.

To give more instrument specific advice on how to play the tune though we'd have to know what instrument you play.

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