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Jeffries concertina - For Sale

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Hi All,


I am selling a Jefrries concertina. This instrument is in the key of Bb/F. It requires tuning.

I have put a new set of hand straps on.

I am asking €5,000 euro 

If anybody has any questions or needs any information feel free to ask. Based outside Dublin. 







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Whosoever dare touch these reeds with a file shall be committing a mortal sin. Wonderful playing, btw.

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It was very nicely played. And if that box had been on this side of the pond, I’d be wanting to bring it home.


Ross Schlabach 

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Posted (edited)

Wondering if it is truly in that key. On my program, its 36 or cents above A440 and so I tend to say it's in an old tuning (and very good) and may very well be a C/G instrument. Hopefully some input from the seller on this.

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Just wanted to add that I'm playing the reel in the key of C, on a c/g instrument and it fingers nicely.
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