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Unusual one for sale on Barleycorn site

Daniel Hersh

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There's a broadly similar 'stretched hexagan' Chidley EC listed on the Concertina Museum site  http://concertinamuseum.com/CM00246.htm which also has screwed in reeds. The item on the Barleycorn site is relatively small for a baritone (last picture, next to an Anglo) - I wonder if this is enabled by arranging the reeds along the edges of the box as per the Concertina Museum instrument(?) As Alex suggest, perhaps a prototype?


I also notice the Barleycorn instrument is now listed as sold subject to completion.

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It really is an interesting thing! We've never had anything quite like it, but it really is a brilliant little (well, fairly big) player. It's brass reeded but we were convinced they were steel before looking inside- and that's not something we get wrong very often! The ends are a mystery- I think you might not be far wrong with the drill press comment. It has a new home now and it's going to be fully restored so hopefully we'll get to see/hear it in action in the future.

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