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Looking for a concertina


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Hello Stuart,


Welcome to C-Net!  I just received back from North Americas foremost concertina repairman three 20 button Rosewood Ended Lachenal Concertinas, all in C/G that have been totally restored, new valves, pads, hand straps, tightened up, action set, and tuned to concert pitch. I have one with a five fold bellows, one with a six fold bellows, and one with and eight fold bellows.  They are all identical to this instrument: 


Let me know if you are interested.  I was going to post them sometime this week, but, here we are!  Again, welcome, there are a lot of good people on here, and very much in the way of useful information.  Take care,


Don Smith

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@Stuart-Sinclair, can you help us with a little clarity on what you're looking for?


Like which system: Anglo, English, or Duet? If you're not sure, we have articles here you can read about the difference, and there are apps which emulate each on your phone or tablet for free or $1 or so by Michael Eskin if you want to try the different styles.


And if you tell us what kind of music you intended to play, we can help advise on type.


And lastly, roughly what kind of budget are you aiming for?

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i have two Wheatstone 46 key English, one metal ends, one Rosewood. Both work well, I bought them in Scotland 50 years ago and played a bit for The Morris, and in a Folk Club, but wasnt very good.

All the keys work both ways, the bellows are good, they are in UK.

Any interest?

Kind regards, Stay safe


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