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Looking to buy a 30-button C/G Anglo concertina. Budget is $300-$475 CAD


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I'm in Ontario, Canada. I learned to play a duet concertina, but I'm wanting to get familiar with Anglo, so I'm not looking for something too fancy, just something that won't sound bad as I learn. If anyone has one they're looking to part with let me know, or if anyone has recommendations where I should look, that would be good too!



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As I have recently learned myself, trying to find an Anglo in that price range can be pretty tough. I would break down your options as follows:


1) Vintage 20 button you might find here or from an inquiry to a refurbisher

2) Cheap Italian or Chinese model gone over by someone who knows how to make them work the best they can, like Bob Tedrow or this accordion shop that has a 20 button

3) Used Chinese built box with good QC like a Concertina Connection Rochelle or McNeela Wren


Concertina Connection told me they get Rochelles traded in every month, but have 5 or 6 times as many requests as they do instruments, so I am not sure how you might land one.


Note that I have not played any Anglo myself; I only just went with option 3 myself. Finding one that is cheap enough to afford, but no so cheap as to be a waste of money is a tight rope to walk. Best of luck.





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