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Rochelle Arrived on Friday..........

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So, I was looking to find something to try as a Concertina, I was hoping to go to the Button Box, but they are still  closed due to state orders. So when the Concertina Connation emailed me that they had them back in stock I  jumped on it and  she arrived on Friday.  I'm very happy I did, although it'll take a bit of work to figure out how to play I'll figure it out.  I'm just playing with scales and the first couple of lessons from Edel Fox on OAIM and it's not horrible. Since I have  play a bunch of things now as a somewhat of an adult, this brings back the Piano lessons Mom made me take as a kid (That I still regret that I didn't really apply myself too, might be the next thing I look at) and the bass lessons I did through High School. 

So I've very excited, I joined the ICA and eventually will get to go the the Button Box.

Thank You for the advice that people sent to me.


-- Rick

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