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Searching for teacher Concertina anglo 55 studs

Julie Delorme

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Thanks for your reply. Actually I have a Crane Duet. Yes it does make to same note when i push and pull. I'm really new to all this. I'm learning as a go. Sorry if I gave wrong information in previous message. I'm still unsure if my concertina is anglo or english. :(

Here is 2 photos.

Again thanks for your reply. I will check forums more regularly for further answer.

good day




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Unless I'm missing something here, a Crane is neither an anglo or an English-system concertina as most of use think of them. It is a duet, and has its own way of playing. You might edit the title of this thread to change "anglo" to "duet" which may help attract the duet experts to chime in and advise you.



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