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Want to give an English concertina, treble or pref. baritone a good home.

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So I’m looking to purchase an English concertina, preferably a baritone, and I have a student Hohner melodeon that wants to see far away places (it’s available).

Also I’m looking for a possibly neglected or found-in-the-attic English concertina to do a non-destructive midi conversion. The reeds aren’t so important, and the bellows just fair. But if it’s nice then all the better.

-so if you’re hearing a little voice from the shadows at the back your concertina cabinet pleading, ‘please, I want to play music!’ then now might be the time. :) 

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re Hohner „Student“, they tend to be piano accordions AFAIK - is yours really a melodeon (or is „student“ just meant to indicate that it’s a beginner‘s instrument)?


good luck with the sale and your inquiries! 🐺

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Hi Wolf, it’s an accordeon diatonique. Das ist definitiv der name.  :) 

There are loads of buttons on it.


I meant a ‘student’ would love it, and other people would love it too, but I’m really actually looking for an English concertina.





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